Look for KIKU® brand apples in your favorite grocery stores in the produce section.


Can’t find KIKU? Don't be afraid to talk to the Produce Manager of the grocery store you frequent.  If they don’t have any KIKU® apples in stock, they might be able to order some in for you. At the very least, it’s a great opportunity for you to convince them that they should be carrying KIKU® apples.



KIKU® apples are grown in Washington State, Pennsylvania and Michigan. In the off-season, KIKU® apples are imported from premium growing partners in New Zealand and Chile. We are very close to being able to provide year-round availability of KIKU® brand apples.



BUY ONLINE (Limited Availability)


  • Rice Fruit Company (Gardners, PA)

    • On a very limited basis, Rice Fruit Company offers KIKU® apples for individual sale. KIKU® is a remarkable apple that inspires a devoted following among apple connoisseurs. Rice Fruit Company offers KIKU® apples for individual sale. This opportunity is only available while supplies last. The KIKU® brand apples are shipped in a single tray pack size which is approximately 11 pounds of fruit, shipped via UPS. Due to their state regulations, Rice Fruit Company cannot ship to Arizona, California or Hawaii.  BUY HERE.


  • Pak-It-Rite (Wenatchee, WA)

    • Located in the heart of Washington apple country, Pak-it-Rite has a direct tap into some of the finest apples on earth. Order a custom packed, full crate (14lb/28pc) of fresh, KIKU® apples. Apples are sorted, polished, and shipped in authentic reclaimed wooden crates, which ship with an unconditional guarantee. BUY HERE.




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